Soha Juneja

Soha Juneja is an enthusiastic in demand speaker, Coach, Counselor & Mental health Architect.

She says,

What really lights my fire is the heart + guts it takes to make a difference in someone’s life.

I love uncovering what makes people tick and using it as fuel for creating a mission that feels like a revolution.

She also adds, When I grew up and entered the workforce, I realized that discrimination against women is still very real and from my upbringing, I knew it was wrong. So, I wanted to create something to combat it.

She believes, The power to hold my fate in my own hands as an entrepreneur is scary and empowering, but it pushes me to be exactly who I want to be every day.  There’s no such thing as complacency in entrepreneurship.”

I am passionate about two things: women empowerment and mental health and how the two work together.

She wouldn’t hesitate to walk that extra mile to support anyone who is in need of mental care.

She also believes there’s nothing to be ashamed of to be speaking about it, it’s as normal as a headache.

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